Homes may be leased, licensed, or occupied only in their entirety and no fraction or portion may be rented. No bed and breakfast facility may be operated out of a home. Individual rooms of a home may not be leased on any basis. No transient tenants may be accommodated in a home. No lease agreements may be for a term of less than 1 year and no home may be leased more than 2 times in any calendar year unless otherwise approved by the association in the cases of hardship; provided, however, that if a lessee defaults under its lease agreement and the owner terminates such lease agreement on account of such default, then such owner may be entitled to replace the defaulted and terminated tenancy shall not count as an additional lease for the specified period. All lease agreements shall require the home to be used solely as a private single-family residence. Each leased home shall be occupied by lessees, members of the lessees family, overnight guests, and professional caregivers as a residence and for no other purpose. During such time as a tome is leased, the owner shall not enjoy the use privileges of the common areas. 

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