Fences and Walls

No walls or fences shall be erected or installed within a Townhome lot, except for walls or fences erected or installed by the Declarant or Builders. With respect to SFD lots, no walls or fences shall be erected or installed without the prior written consent of the ACC. No chain link fencing of any kind shall be allowed. Fences shall not be installed flush to the ground so that drainage will be blocked in any way. Except for fences and walls erected or installed by the declarant and/or builders, all fences must be in compliance with the Community Standards. Due to the association's maintenance requirements, the installation of fences within a drainage easement area is discouraged by the ASS. However, in the event of a fence is installed within a drainage easement area, with prior written ACC approval, the owner is solely responsible for the fence repair or replacement if the drainage easement area needs to be accessed. 

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